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Thông mineral tác giảEben Alexander, M. D. Vào trang riêng của tác giảXem tất cả các sách của tác giảĐề tài “Cuộc sống ở kiếp sau” từ lâu đã gây ra rất nhiều tranh cãi, thế giới bên kia thực sự thế nào, ở thế giới ấy chúng ta sẽ có hình hài ra sao, và cái thế giới hư ảo ấy liệu có tồn tại ở một chiều kích khác hay không, không ai biết chắc. Hầu hết chúng ta không mineral vào cuộc sống ở kiếp sau, và niềm mineral ấy đặc biệt ăn sâu bám rễ trong giới khoa học, cho đến khi “trải nghiệm cận tử” làm biến đổi hoàn toàn thế giới quan của chính họ, ta hãy lật giở từng trang sách và lắng nghe Eben Alexander kể về trải nghiệm chân thực của chính ông để bất ngờ trước vẻ đẹp siêu thực nơi địa hạt tinh thần. Mời bạn đón đọc.

Tác giả:

Chứng Cứ Về Thiên Đường tải xuống trong ePub hoặc PDF mà không cần đăng ký

  • Tác giả:
  • Nhà xuất bản: Nxb Thế giới
  • Ngày xuất bản:
  • Che: Bìa mềm
  • Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Việt
  • ISBN-10: 8935235209923
  • ISBN-13:
  • Kích thước: 14 x 20.5 cm
  • Cân nặng: 308.00 gam
  • Bìa cứng:244
  • Loạt:
  • Cấp:
  • Tuổi tác:
  • Tác giả:
  • Giá bán: 62.000 ₫

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Chứng Cứ Về Thiên Đường


Okay. Okay...... This....this...this piece of PURE AWESOMENESS BOUND TO ASTOUND THE WORLD definitely got a 5 star rating from me! Yes, my fellow review readers. I am yet ANOTHER reviewer/reader...that has rated the Hunger Games a five star. I mean, almost EVERYONE ON MY FRIENDS LIST has rated this book, 3 stars and up. And the HUGEST MAJORITY rated it 5 stars. I know. My 5-star rating is probably not as special. Boo. I mean, I thought I'd be the ONLY PERSON ALIVE that rated Twilight a one star because of how many of my friends just FAINTED over how "amazing" it was. And then I realized that....there were a bunch of my fellow goodreaders that would just love to toss that one right out the window! (And there were the Twilight die-hard fans, of course.) But anyway, THIS BOOK...THIS BOOK... I've read this book before! 3 years ago. Seventh grade. I was approximately 12-13 years old. (Little squirt that had no idea a place like goodreads existed.) And when I DID get a goodreads account, one of the first books I rated was this one. (I got my account when I was 14.) Well, when I reviewed this book THEN, I wasn't the reviewer I am now. So yeah. My review was boring. (I guess I'll leave it at the end for those of you who...wish to read it.) I had given this book like . . . 4 stars back then. I reread the book this weekend. I don't know WHY I rated the book a 4 as a 14 year old. I was such a dummy! BECAUSE THIS BOOK SERIOUSLY DESERVED A 5! Original, absolutely. Hit the spot. Right on the target. As well as being totally thrilling and heart-throbbing. DUDE, how many books are like that now?! NONE! And I do have to admit that I did reread the book again because . . . I just saw the movie on Monday. (I know. I know. SEEING THE MOVIE FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER IT HAD BEEN IN THE THEATERS APPROXIMATELY 6 MONTHS BEFORE. I don't go to the movies extremely often. I have to torturingly wait for the DVDs.) But the movie was amazing. WAAAAY better than any of the other movie adaptions for other books. I SQUEALED SO LOUD THAT I'M SURE THE WINDOWS IN MY HOUSE WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY BROKEN!! (So those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest that you get off your lazy butt and watch it. Check it out from your local library. Redbox-rent it! Buy it for like $29.99 on BLU-RAY & DVD with DIGITAL COPY INCLUDED!!!! Just watch it. I'm promoting it! (*sniff) Like it'll make a difference. NO ONE READS MY REVIEWS! (*sob)) Anyway, the movie did in fact leave out a lot of stuff. I didn't notice that until I reread the book. BUT ANYWAY, continuing on for the REVIEW FOR THIS BOOK: I had read this book about 3 years ago. I already KNEW what tragedies would happen before I reopened the book a couple of days back. And my guitar teacher always told us before concerts we'd perform in: "THE AUDIENCE HEARS THE FIRST TIME." Well, they weren't HEARING the book. They were . . . reading the book. They READ THE FIRST TIME! Anyway, what he meant was that any of the thrill that comes in a book is at IT'S MOST THRILLING the first time you read it. When you don't know what's going to happen next. When you've yet to know the ending. It gets less thrilling the next time you read it because...well, you KNOW what's already going to happen. Not as exciting. That's why I absolutely HATE spoilers. But anyway, THAT'S THE WHOLE DEFINITION OF THRILL! You don't know what happens next! And I've been told by friends and family, as well as personality quizzes, that I'm the kind of person that finds unpredictable situations exhilarating. NO. BIG HEAP LIE. My heart can't take that much pressure! I get SCARED when I'm thrilled! WAY TOO SCARED! But I guess that's a little fun, too. That's the feeling I got when I just flipped through this book! I already knew what was going to happen. I wasn't as thrilled as I was when I was 13 and reading this for the FIRST TIME. But the writing was ASTOUNDING. It didn't OVERLY DESCRIBE things. Katniss didn't spend EVERY FREAKING PAGE describing how good-looking Peeta or Gale was. She spent MORE TIME making sense. Being STRONG and COURAGEOUS. What was more fun was reading more and more about this world they were in, which really is a dystopia. You see, my dearies, DYSTOPIA A world that is meant to be perfect, but is really NOT. A world that is supposedly perfect, but has its own ironic flaws. Like this world. To regain peace and to ensure a rebellion does not occur again, the Capitol (the whole center of the world) takes away 2 children from each district to fight to the death. Sure. That one victor will represent peace and remind people of peace. But what about the other 23 people that died? They remind the people that the Capitol can KILL anyone they want. They can take away their children, JUST LIKE THAT. That's really a dystopia. It has nothing to do with romance or anything, like most of today's dystopias. And the thrill you get with Katniss being in the arena is another thing, too. I just love the irony in this book! Her sister had ONE FREAKING TICKET put into all that mess of tickets and she still got drawn. I guess chances, even if they're THAT SLIM, are still chances. Each chance counts. Overall, I have nothing much to say/describe/tell about this piece of beauty besides SADFHASDKJFIAGJSKDFNIHGISNTHJDIHODGFHEAOANFJADSHGAKGJISADJFSAKNGIHASINVKGIASHDFIAEWSR!!!! (Not even real words can describe this book.) Amazing? Not close enough. Astounding? No. ORIGINAL? This IS original, but it's . . . . even more than that! It just amazed me. And out of all things, it created a beautiful movie. (One that has 1113 people left on the waiting list, because I checked out my copy from my local library and it's due tomorrow, and one that I've already watched like 20 gazillion times.) And sure. I am angry at Katniss for (view spoiler). Huh. Shorter review than usual, but yes. This was a very, very good book. I am really, really, really smiley about this book. A 5 star book is the kind that you can read again and again. Not one you just read to review on Goodreads, like . . . a couple of the books that I read. Seriously, this was one good book. I loved the movie, seriously! But . . . I love these, too. WATCH THIS FOR AN LOL! WATCH THIS FOR YET ANOTHER LOL! Alright. So here's the 4-star review I wrote around August 22, 2011 (more than a year ago). It's not as awesome as the review I just typed, but . . . if you're THAT BORED, go ahead and see what my past self has to say. ------------------------------------------------- (14-year-old Theresa.) I read this book in the 7th grade--waaaaay before I got a goodreads account, so here's my review. I have precisely four words to describe my feelings for this triology: I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. (Hoover dam right you do.) During 7th grade math class, when I was supposed to be working on my math homework ahead of time, this book was lying open across my lap underneath my desk. During guitar class, when I was supposed to be practicing a certain piece, this book stood open on my music stand. ((GASP!) I remember that! I almost got in trouble!) It's a very capitivating book that keeps you wondering what's going to happen next, so it was difficult to stand still without this book in hand. (I should know. Over the last weekend, I spent about 99% of the time doing this:) But the reason why this book wasn't an absolutely perfect five stars was because this book was really, really detailed in the main character's thoughts and actions. (WHAAAAT?! Oh past Theresa, that was one of the good parts! Dummy.) Don't get me wrong--detail of words is very very important. But certain parts of this book were so detailed that I either had to reread paragraphs more than once OR I just skimmed past them to get towards the point. (HOW DARE I!) But it's not an absolutely bad thing. A five star book for me would be a book where every single word keeps me drawn into the story (THIS BOOK DEFINITELY DID THAT!!!), and I don't skip or skim through anything. I'm super picky (Dummy.), so yes--The Hunger Games was a four-star read for me. But it was an AMAZING book. I suggest this book to any fellow humans who deserve a good read of a dystopian suspense. (As do I, my fellow review readers. As. Do. I.) (I love criticizing my own reviews.)

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cuốn sách thực sự tốt sau khi tôi đọc cuốn sách tôi đã xem phim trên youtube. đó là một moive khá cũ.

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